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Sn-plated NanoFoil®

Tin-coated NanoFoil® is not one, but two very different products, combined. It is a heat source and a form of solder. In the world of interconnection, this is quite unique. (Shown in the picture here: Uncoated NanoFoil® on the left, tin-coated NanoFoil® on the right. Note the matte finish of the tin coating.)

It is important to remember that even with tin coating, NanoFoil® should be used with properly metallized parts. If this condition is met, there is no need for traditional soldering equipment or materials. No reflow oven, soldering iron, solder wire, or flux. Interesting huh? To learn more, check out The NanoBond® Process Series, and then contact us to answer any questions.


Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert