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So what is solder anyway?

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  • After spending a couple of days at some Indium Corporation NanoFoil®


    customers, I am back in front of my computer working on customer trip reports. So, naturally, I am going to write a blog at the same time.  Being the "new guy" at Indium, I am in a unique position.  At RNT (the company whose assets Indium bought), I worked with a technology that essentially competed directly with solder attach technology, and yet I didn't know much about the stuff, solder that is.  That isn't to say I wasn't well informed, I simply was using a new nanotechnology to try to bond parts in ways that just wasn't done before.

    So when i came to Indium, I was rather unindoctrinated when it comes to solder, solder paste, and the like.  So for those solder newbies out there, or even for those who know what they're doing, you and I have a lot of the same questions. So, I thought I'd take some time to show you where I'm getting my answers.

    - Chris Nash, My tech service colleague wrote an article on Solder Basics,

    - anything on EltroIQ

    - The Indium web site has a Knowledge Base that you can sign up for and ask a question or see recent questions and answers

    - A colleague of mine in Europe pointed me to an online summary of many microelectronic, assembly, and soldering processes

    - Industry web sites such as SMTA, IPC/APEX and IMAPS

    That's where I am doing my research. If you know of any other places where I should be looking please comment!