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Social Media As A Sales Tool

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  • I  was recently interviewed by Ryan Miller, social media strategist, blogger, and fellow musician, at my favorite coffee house, The Tramontane Cafe, in Utica, NY. We discussed how and why Indium Corporation leverages blogging and social media to increase business and connect with customers and potential customers. This is an exciting part of modern B2B Marcom. This is part 2 of the interview session - IT'S ALL ABOUT  SALES <1 more segment to follow>. View Part 1 of the Rick Short interview.

    Ryan's full blog post.

    In this interview I  touched lightly on my concern that many people are timid about citing SALES as the ultimate goal in business to business engagements - or even in Marketing Communications projects. Clearly, I am not implying that we are all, or should be, a pack of ruthless thieves. There IS  such a thing as ethical, mutually-beneficial transactions that benefit all parties involved. The results of such engagements produce SALES. SALES keeps the virtuous cycle spinning.