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Solar Conversion Efficiencies

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  • Following the recent surge in the prices of crude oil futures and the rally of solar stocks, we are stuck with wide range views on the future of PV. How large will the market be in 2010? Will the shortage of materials ease or even turn into a glut? I believe the answer to most of these problems lies in the solar cell itself – conversion efficiencies.

    But there are several challenges that one has to face to increase the conversion efficiency. Every slight improvement in the cell and its assembly makes a difference. The morphology of the absorber layer, the transparency or electrical conductivity of the top conductor layer, the interface resistance and line resolution of the metallization paste etc.; each of them counts. Depending on the starting point every 1% increase in solar conversion efficiency can result in 6%-20% increase in production capacity. In fact the incentives for increasing efficiencies are even higher for thin film solar manufacturers as compared to the established Si players. Indium Corporation tends to work extremely closely with customers to take care of every minute detail that helps in increasing conversion efficiency and longevity of solar cell. Looking at the opportunities in several steps of the manufacturing process and the acceleration of technological progress, I am sure the there is no stopping back on solar conversion efficiencies.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert