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Solder Spatter Matters

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  • Within the cored solder wire industry, an increasing amount of attention is being given to the amount of spatter created during robotic and hand soldering applications. New products are being introduced to the market with low- or no-spatter characteristics touted as one of the first key attributes.

    What is Spatter? Spatter refers to the explosive spray of materials (flux and solder) that spit out from the wire after heat has been applied. It is often caused by the out-gassing of the flux during the soldering process. During automated and manual soldering, spatter is not only cosmetically unappealing, but it also increases cleanup time, wastes material, and impacts the processing performance sensitive components. It can also burn the manual soldering operator if they are exposed to it.

    Indium Corporation has been participating in the low-spatter trend and, through our research, has found that spatter does indeed matter. To meet the needs of this market, Indium Corporation has developed two cored wire formulas that virtually eliminate spatter. Our Core 230-RC and CW-808 products contain Indium Corporation’s low-spatter technology and were developed with robotic soldering applications in mind. They are also especially well-suited for hand soldering.  To learn more about these products, visit our Robotic Soldering web page.