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Soldering to LTTF-6363 Thin-film Solar Cell Metallization Paste

You’re reading this because you want to know more about LTTF-6363 low temperature metallization paste right? Perfect.


I wanted to get your attention, because I want to talk to you about using this material. We have released a tech paper and (more recently) presented a poster at EU-PVSEC in Valencia earlier this year. With all the buzz about the “Novel Flexible Silver Paste”, I’ve had a chance to print, cure, and solder to LTTF-6363. I’ve had a chance to get my hands (well, gloves…) dirty like a good applications engineer should.


As you may already know from studying the other documents surrounding this material, it was designed for thin-film solar cell interconnection, as a solderable polymer met paste. It went a long way towards teaching us what properties we still need to work on. The material is currently not a product we actively promote, because we know there are properties that need to be improved to give you a wide process window for high volume manufacturing.


Soldering to an epoxy-based material has many intricacies, as I’ve learned. Maximum temperature, Ag dissolution, and a short pot life make processing challenging – honestly, it’s not good for everyone. Of course there’s no way I could have tested the material in every application, but I’m starting to get a good feel for the type of applications that it could work in. 


If you want to evaluate if this material will work for your application, please save yourself some time searching for the answer and just call me: (315) 853-4900 x7592. I can help make your decision easier. 


~Jim Hisert

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert