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Some still Unaware of WEEE/RoHS

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  • Wu writes:

    I saw your article in SMT, Hoping for WEEE and RoHS Exemptions .

    What are WEEE and RoHS?

    I am from China in charge of SMT assembly for a large, several billion dollar company.



    Dear Wu,

    WEEE is a recycling law that the European Union (EU) has established. Companies, like yours, have to register their products and assure that these products are recycled. There is some confusion as to when the law actually takes effect in the different EU countries, but it will certainly be before 1 January 2006. Much work will be required by your company to comply with this law. If your company does not comply, you will not be allowed to sell your products in European countries.

    RoHS is a law that was enacted by the EU to make it easier to recycle. RoHS restricts the amount of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium and several flame retardants to <0.1% and Cadmium to <0.01% in "homogeneous" material. Complying with this law, which takes effect on 1 July 2006, also requires much work.

    The WEEE and RoHS documents and other helpful information can be obtained from Also, the UK's Department of Trade and Industry, DTI has much useful information. However, there is so little time, that you should also consider working with someone that can help you. My colleague Kathy Hickey would be a good choice.

    What ever you choose to do, get started now!

    Best Wishes,

    Dr. Ron