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Using and Specifying Solder Preforms

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  • Why use solder preforms? SMT industry expert Phil Zarrrow finds out from Jim Hisert, Indium Corporation Manufacturing Engineer.

    Phil Zarrow: Jim, why would I use solder preforms?

    Jim Hisert:  Preforms are a great form of solder. Compared to paste or wire, you’re getting a very discreet volume of solder and that volume of solder can be coated in a flux – a very light coating of flux so you can limit your voiding.

    Phil Zarrow: Jim, if an engineer is interested in looking into preforms, what are some of the criteria you need to know?

    Jim Hisert: Okay. Well, the best thing to do is just give us a call or send us an email at Within a matter of a few minutes, we can usually pair down the right alloy for the application based on temperature or maybe the equipment that you have in your facility. And then we can work on the forms – the tolerances of those preforms – and get you exactly what you need.

    Phil Zarrow: Jim, I understand there is a lot of additional resources at

    Jim Hisert: Sure. Visit I have a blog and a series of blog posts talking about specifying, making, and applying solder preforms. It’s called “The World of Solder Preforms.”  Contact us at or just give us a call and within minutes we can have a dialogue with you and come up with the perfect solder alloy and the perfect solution for your application.

    Phil Zarrow: Jim, thank you very much.

    Jim Hisert: Thank you, Phil.

    Co-authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert