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Start Your New Year’s Job Search off Right

  • Human Resources

  • One of the most popular New Year resolutions is starting or renewing a stagnant job search.  If you find yourself doing this, have no fear!  Get your New Year off to a great start by following these guidelines:

    Have a Plan:

    • A job search can seem like a full-time job in itself at times. So, it makes sense to bring the same level of organization and dedication you bring to work each day to your job search.  If you have a plan you can be a much more efficient job seeker, saving yourself time and achieving better results.  Think about the specific field/position that interests you and have a list of companies that you want to target.  Familiarize yourself with their career pages and hiring practices. 

    Get Your Resume Ready to Go:

    • Make sure your resume is up to date with all of your recent professional experience. And, be sure your contact information is accurate!  Many times your resume and cover letter are your only chances at a first impression; take every precaution necessary to make sure it is a positive one. 

    Monitor Your Social Media Accounts and Personal Brand:

    • Surveys indicate that as many as 80% of employers will Google prospective applicants prior to inviting them in for an interview!  Make sure that your LinkedIn account is up to date, and that your other social media feeds display only appropriate pictures and info.  An easy way to make sure you are in good shape is to Google yourself!  If you aren’t impressed by what you see, chances are employers won’t be either. 

    Leverage Modern Job Seeking Tools:

    • A lot of networking and job prospecting happens online.  Connect with former colleagues and classmates on LinkedIn to increase your network.  Follow the corporate pages of companies that you are interested in working with.  This is a great way learn more about what life is like at the company and also a way to get frequent notifications about new job postings.  Use your twitter and Facebook feeds to follow local job accounts and to stay up to date on new job notifications.  Use the ease of online job applications to your advantage, and get several applications out in a short amount of time. 

    Follow Professional and Personal Etiquette Guidelines:

    • Remember that when you apply for a job the goal is for people to call you back.  If you are rusty or uncomfortable using the phone, practice!  The first impression is important; your inability to showcase professionalism and proper manners when contacted by an HR representative will sink your job search before you even get to interview. 
    • If you do get in for an interview, send a thank you letter and remember to always be polite and professional with any follow up contact.