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Stock Up

I recently visited a customer to help optimize a flux-less indium soldering application.  They admitted they needed flux but didn’t know 1) what to use, or 2) if there was a better way to fix the problem.






(Flashback 1 year…)



While having a technical discussion with a head engineer regarding future products, we agreed that it would be a good idea to have a water-soluble and a no-clean flux on hand for prototyping.  He never mentioned that he was going to actually order the material, so I thought he would try it on an as-needed basis.






(Back to July 2008)



We were stuck in a situation where it would have been great to know the full issue ahead of time and send in the cavalry (ball attach fluxes), but we were a little blindsided since we actually were there for a different issue.  I mentioned how it would have been great to carry in fluxes and they mentioned that they had a supply of Indium flux on hand!  We were blessed with the luxury of having the best all-around ball attach fluxes right there for the indium thermal interface application.






These semiconductor grade tacky-type fluxes are worth every penny, they are like a Boy Scout’s Swiss Army knife.  It worked for this customer, and having a small stock of multipurpose flux can work for you too.




Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert