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Summer Intern Leaves Us (again)

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  • For the second time, we at Indium wish our Marcom intern, Dana, the best of everything as she returns to school. No, she didn't fail and have to repeat us - she is so good that we begged her to return for a second summer. Thanks, Dana, for your very professional demeanor and your focus on THE GOAL. You got it done every time, and made a huge difference.
    Dana has been a wonderful addition to the Marcom department this summer. She is smart, funny, and energetic. Best of all, she is self-motivated and asks questions when she needs clarification. She has helped give us a different perspective on what we do every day. I don't know what I would have done without her this summer - she has taken responsibility for so many things and gotten so much done. She will be missed and I look forward to her return.

    And this from Dana:
    With every task comes a goal. It's picking up what you can from past experiences and surroundings that may be innovative in regards to your future. With the help of Colleen, Anita, Rick and all of Indium, I was given insight on some valued business tactics that indeed come with every occupation. They have gone out of their way numerous times to reference the goal and task of each project.

    After graduating Fredonia State University (with 2 years already under my belt), I plan to move south where some of the most well-known and big name 3D animation industries/businesses exist. I will jump that horse on his way out and steer him to the finish line. I may take a few detours but will ultimately end up where I consider myself, as well as by others, most successful, as well as happy of course. And whom do I have to thank for such road signs? All of Indium.

    A temporary farewell to Indium! It was nice meeting the new and seeing the old! Thanks everyone!

    Most Appreciated,

    P.S. Rick, I promise not to be the stray golf ball that bounces off every tree before getting lost in the woods and/or pond.