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Super Bowl Ads: 2009

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    GoDaddy w Danica Patrick

    GoDaddy w Danica Patrick

    Almost everyone in the advertising industry watches the Super Bowl commercials religiously (some moreso than the actual game). Here is my commentary in this year's crop.


    This ad got everyone at my Super Bowl party laughing. The ad got weirder, and funnier, with each segment. And everyone could relate to things they don't like about their job, or observe others not liking. It was poignant, basic, and clear. 


    A fun fantasy that kept our interest -  with a laugh-out-loud punchline.


    Odd, but not too odd, especially when you consider that it was aimed at younger, tecchier people. Alec Baldwin is hot with that crowd, and all the other characteristics of the spot were just right, as well. And, man, did it make fun of both the audience and the subject. "Sacreligious" and "irreverant" are great ways to grab the attention of their target audience.

    Late Addition (I blew it and forgot)


    The stress, the anguish, the achievement - quite dramatic. The cinematography was excellent! It swelled and built - and the audience felt it. The punchline was excellent as it played off of the brand's weakness - many westerners struggle with their name.


    I'll avoid blathering on and on and get right to the BIG looser:

    Danica Patrick:

    Tonya Harding needs to get all sleazy to make a buck. Danica Patrick is (was) a respected professional athlete on a roll. Of all the people appearing in today's ads, she is, by far, the last person who should be stooping to such a slimy level. She is either getting extremely bad advice or not listening to smart people. Her brand is besmerched by these ridiculous ads - and by the nudie/swimsuit photographs she released.


    In general:

    I was surprised at the quantity of re-treads, repeats, and ripoffs. Then, there was a handful of "artsy" ads that had my crowd scratching their heads and NOT wondering. Yuk!

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