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Synchronize Your Solar Cell

Many people do not consider either semiconductors or solar cells as having any moving parts. But this is not completely true. Indeed, every solar cell, and semiconductor has parts which are moving all the time. Not only the atoms, electrons and holes are moving but also the different layers that form the solar cell. There is continuous movement and diffusion between layers in response to temperature and pressure. These diffusions and movements are quite substantial during the actual formation of the solar cell.

Selection of appropriate assembly materials that can be processed within the thermal budget of various layers that form a solar cell is extremely important. Proper selection of high quality assembly materials (such as sputtering targets, metallization pastes, tabbing ribbons, fluxes and solders) has a direct correlation to increased efficiency and usable life of a solar cell. We at Indium Corporation are continuously applying thought to uncover different ways to help make our customer's solar cell more efficient and reliable.

If you are looking at pushing efficiencies beyond 20% and reliability over 30 years, call us to find out – how we can synchronize your solar cell.


Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert