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Talk With Your Customers Where THEY Want To Talk

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  • In the old days, business to business (BtoB, B2B) Marcom professionals would utilize the (relative to today) few media channels to talk TO  their target audience(s). The customers had to comply (succumb) and follow the companies and media.

    Today, things are shifting strongly. The customer is clearly in control. Modern Marcom professionals need to communicate with their customers on the CUSTOMER's terms. This means when and where the customer chooses.

    This is why the Indium Corporation blogs are available in multiple places. You can follow our blogs in many simple ways:

    1) within our Facebook fan page (the postings are interspersed with our other Facebook comments):
    2) at our main blog website:
    3) through Networked Blogs:
    4) via RSS subscription (available at
    5)  via email subscription (sent directly to the customer's email account) (available at

    I 'll bet there are options that I  am missing, and I'll add them as soon as I  become aware of them.   The point is, the customer is now in control - and we have many options for supporting our customers' desires and preferences. The old school way doesn't cut it any longer.