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Target Audience: 90% NAKED!

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  • Last night I participated in an online conversation with Roxanne Darling, CEO of Barefeet Studios. The conversation was moderated by Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg Marketing and held on her Diva Marketing Talks. The main topic was video blogging, and the focus was stirring emotions using the tool.

    I must admit, the conversation seemed, at times, to be very polarized. And what would anyone expect? In my dry, B2B Marcom arena, where people are earning their salaries and building professional images, we are all a bit conservative. In Roxanne's world (Walks On The Beach With Rox) her interviewees are strolling on the beaches of Hawaii, most often in Speedos and bikinis! She certainly won the prize for the vlogger who is having the most fun!

    I was very impressed with the fact that Roxanne has posted nearly 500 of her 5-minute beach interviews. It really requires a mastery of The 4Ps of Blogging to reach that milestone! Kudos to you, Rox.

    Anyway, the point was generating emotional reactions to video blogs. I certainly feel that it is (theoretically) easier to do so in a vlog, versus a blog. And that is my goal. As you may know, I video blog a little, and work in video by creating video ads and product information (all B2B). I plan to do a lot more, and I certainly plan to generate emotional reactions.

    If you've got any advice, do let me know.