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Tech Seconds with Phil Zarrow: Choosing a Solder Paste Supplier

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    What are the most important considerations when I'm choosing a new solder paste supplier?

    Phil Zarrow:

    Well, of course, how well the solder paste is going to work—ideally optimally—in your application and in your environment. And that, of course, will be determined in the very mandatory solder paste evaluation that you'll do.

    But the other part of the equation, a very important part, is the company you're buying it from, and this translates to tech support. Are there live people there to help you with your process issues and see you through and give you assistance with regard to applying the solder paste to your application?

    Also, beyond live personnel, how is their expertise shared in the way of downloads? For example, papers, tech papers, other media. And, to me, this is extremely important because you're not just buying the solder paste, you're buying the company that supplies it as well.