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Tech Seconds with Phil Zarrow: Choosing a Solder Paste

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  • Question: What should I consider when I'm looking for a new solder paste?
    Phil Zarrow: Well, the first level of consideration is, of course, what properties do you need the materials to have? For example, are you looking at a leaded process or a lead-free process?  Do you need halogen-free or can you go with a halogenated-flux mechanism? And, also, do you need a no-clean—no-clean material or no-clean process—or is this an application that you can actually clean?
    Question: This seems like I will get a whole family of materials. How do I down select from there?
    Phil Zarrow: Of course, we next go down to the next selection factors, which would include essentially, what keeps you awake at night? What are you looking for to accomplish with this solder paste flux material? For example, is it graping that you're trying to mitigate? Head-in-pillow? Any of the host of other issues, and, this is again, properties that we'll be looking for in a material that, ultimately, you'll be evaluating.