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Thank You!

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  • INDIUM's Marcom team puts a lot into creating effective exhibits. But, before that, our product managers, technical support engineers, and sales people contribute a ton of resources towards the concepts and functionality of an exhibit, not to mention their defining our ultimate goals and objectives. On the back end, our extended team of contractors and vendors provide so much expertise, creativity, diligence, and commitment, that we simply can't tell where we end and they begin. In short, INDIUM's trade show efforts are truly a team effort.

    Therefore, it is especially rewarding to receive accolades regarding the outcome. It happened this week for our APEX exhibit. On behalf of the entire INDIUM team, we are flattered at the recognition we received in Chip Scale Review's THE TUESDAY REPORT, which said about our exhibit, "The Indium booth once again gets our vote for the most esthetically pleasing exhibit at APEX." Thank you.

    We recently received formal awards for smaller exhibit designs in Malaysia and in Singapore.

    Our APEX exhibit program was handled in totality by our Anita Brown, a true Marcom Star. I personally witnessed her pulling together a ton of input, desires, dreams, wishes, and impossibilities - making every wish come true. In addition, she created a totally integrated array of literature to compliment our both. She did it well, she did it fast, and she made it look easy. It isn't easy, she's just good.

    Her work will serve as the backbone for our entire 2007 SMT-related global exhibition program.

    Congratulations, Anita. You do such a great job.

    Image: Chip Scale Review, THE TUESDAY REPORT, February 27, 2007.