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The Adventures of Patty and The Professor are Now in Print

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  • Folks,

    A compilation of my blog posts, titled, The Adventures Of Patty And The Professor, is now available in soft and hard copies. The advantage of the soft copy is that the hyper links can be used. However, a hard copy is nice to carry around. The hard copy is over 60 pages and is a little larger format than a paper back book. If you are interested in either, send me a note at and I will send you either one. If you want a hard copy, send your land address.

    Several people have asked why I am extolling scientific and industrial principles and advice in an allegorical format. Some advise me to just say, “improve your uptime” or, “a cheaper solder paste isn’t always cheaper, especially if it reduces throughput”. 

    Well, I am following after Goldratt. In his book, The Goal, he takes essentially the entire book to tell a story about the theory of constraints. Because it is a story, with people and their foibles, it is often easier for readers to relate to, and especially remember, than if he were to simply say, “Do this, do that, to improve your process.

    Goldratt’s book, and style, created a new expression, “Finding the Herbie (constraint) in a process."  Check up on Herbie to see what this means.

    Bottom line, there are many ways to learn. Using multiple ways helps us find the BEST way. When we find the best way, everyone wins. I hope my work can help you find the BEST way to improve your process, and your profitability. Tell  me where to ship YOUR book.


    Dr. Ron