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The Benefits of Indium Corporation Gold/Tin Solder Paste

  • AuSn
  • Die Attach
  • LED Solder

  • In today’s manufacturing, you need to be versatile - and able to scale up for high volumes quickly. Our AuSn solder paste allows manufacturers to dispense intricate designs for scale-up R&D projects. The solder paste can later be replaced with solid solder preforms when the project goes to production. For high volume application, AuSn solder paste is ideal for high power LED module assembly, with all the high reliability attributes that 80Au20Sn provides.

    We continue to improve the product line with off-eutectic alloys to help reduce voiding:

    Off-Eutectic Gold Alloys Available

    • 78Au22Sn
    • 79Au21Sn
    • 80Au20Sn


    Depending on your application and the internal process, we offer a variety of fluxes for the solder paste needs.

    AuSn Solder Paste Flux types:

    • NC-SMQ-51SC / Rosin Based No-clean
    • RMA-SMQ51-AC / RMA Version of 51SC
    • RMA-SMQ-51A / Higher Rosin Content Version of 51AC                                      
    • Indium 3.2HF / Halogen Free Water Washable
    • Indium 3.2 / Halogen-Containing Water Washable

    The relentless push for miniaturization requires smaller solder resolution. This is why we offer AuSn solder paste from our standard type 3 all the way down to type 7 (SG) particle size.

    If you have any questions about our AuSn, or if you would like to set up a conference call to discuss your application, please contact me, Bernard Leavitt, the High-Temp Product Specialist, at