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The Book Mobile Was At My Door

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  • Just like the yearly event which occurred in my grade school, new books were delivered to my door in their shiny cellophane wrapping just waiting for the unearthing of new data.  In my book order was a new revision of a fantastic book I use on a regular basis and believe is deserving of recognition.  


    This book, called Phase Diagrams of Indium Alloys by Charles White and Hiroaki Okamoto, is something any high tech indium material user should have handy.  The latest revision, number 8, was just printed and I have a crisp new copy!  I encourage you to get one too if you dont already have one.҂ A copy can be purchased through ASM International.

    The book details the properties of nearly 100 binary and ternary systems, all indium contained. Each system is outlined to include a phase diagram and crystal structure data. I used this information just today to identify expected melting temperaturesand homogeneity of an indium alloy which I was not familiar with already.


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