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The final piece of the puzzle

There is nothing more frustrating than going through an entire process (whether it is putting together a puzzle or manufacturing a product) only to find the final piece missing. 

That final piece can be the strength of the solder joints which can impact the quality of your product or the amount of rework that needs to be done.  As the products get smaller and the solder paste stencils get thinner, the ability to get enough solder paste to adequately hold shields, components and connectors gets harder and harder.

So what is that final piece of the puzzle?  Consider Solder Fortification® Preforms.  These are solder preforms, which are solid pieces of solder, that are added to a solder paste deposit to give it the additional volume required to create a stronger joint.  They generally come in sizes similar to components, such as 0402 and 0603, and are packaged in tape & reel like the components so they are easily placed with standard pick and place equipment.

The additional solder can improve your first past yields and reduce field failures.  Now that is the perfect final piece to complete the picture!