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The Importance of Tension on Fine Diameter Cored Wire in Robotic Soldering Applications

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  • In our personal lives, tension is typically something to be avoided. However, when using robotic soldering equipment with a fine diameter wire, consistent tension is good. In fact, tension could be one of the most important aspects of the machine infeed process. 

    When a fine-diameter wire is finished spooling in production at Indium Corporation’s factory, it is tightly and evenly wound to provide optimal use within robotic soldering equipment. Should that tension be released, either during box to machine transfer or during use, it is possible that the layers will lose their previously precision-wound structure and begin to slacken around the spool.  This now-slackened wire is then likely to break during the next wire pull or kink, both of which will lead to an unwanted line-down situation. In order to fully experience the efficiency of robotic soldering, tension is of paramount importance and must be closely monitored throughout the soldering process.