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The Increasing Value Of Integrity In Business-To-Business Marketing Communications

  • B2B Marcom

  • B2B Marcom practitioners are keenly aware of the admonition, "Believe Half Of What You See And Nothing That You Hear." Famous words from Edgar Allan Poe ... or was itBenjamin Franklin? Hmmm ... I've seen it attributed to both men - not sure WHAT to believe.

    And THAT is the problem. Virtually ANYTHING can now be manipulated, twisted, or simply misstated. The effect ranges from this example of a quote, to the photoshopping of fashion models, to alleged blatant reconstruction of the facts to create news.

    This condition places an extreme value on integrity. Never before has it been easier to fabricate the "truth", and never have trust and honesty been more meaningful.

    While trust can be eroded in an instant, it takes an entire career to build it.

    Never compromise your integrity in B2B Marcom. Ever.