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The Little Things Make the Biggest Differences

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  • I believe that the key to succeeding in any business is the little things.  I read an article recently where the theme was along these lines: The little things are what makes or breaks a business and they are also what customers remember.

    With this globalized civilization, the little thing you do in New York can impact someone across the globe. Stan Lee said, “With great power there must also come great responsibility!” Globalization is powerful and has birthed a very productive, efficient and progressive generation compared to previous ones.

    A note to my future readers: I plan on topics that are new, cutting-edge technology and provide helpful tips and learning mechanisms. If you are in school and thinking of a career, please think of this industry. If you are on the fence ask yourself these questions ... When was the last time you:

    • Used a cellphone?
    • Drove a car?
    • Crossed the street?


    If you have done any of these just take a minute to think of all the technology that was present and active in assisting you to complete each. Then, get down to the materials that it took to fabricate that technology. It is impressive of how many electrical connections that we as a society interface with every day.

    I will leave you with that food for thought.

    'Til Next Time,

    ~ Adam