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The Magic of Engineered Solders

Engineered solders are solders that can make a HUGE difference with your thermal management, IGBT, die-attach, medical device, hermetic sealing, or connector assembly application. The possibilities are endless.

One of my personal favorite engineered solders is Solder Fortification® Preforms. Obtaining the correct amount of solder to ensure a strong solder joint is critical in electronics manufacturing. Solder Fortification® Preforms are the solution for many challenging manufacturing issues from miniaturization to tightly fitted components to achieving just the right amount of solder in just the right place.

Solder Fortification® Preforms are generally rectangular pieces of alloyed metal that do not contain any flux. The preform is added to a deposit of solder paste using standard pick and place equipment. Since the alloy for both the preform and the solder paste is the same, the preform will reflow at the same temperature as the solder paste, with the solder paste providing the necessary flux. The preform increases the volume of solder over what could be achieved with solder paste alone, especially for stencils with a pitch of 0.3mm or less.

Tell me where engineered solders, especially Solder Fortification® Preforms, might help you. I'll take it from there.