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The Need for Dis-Assembly to Support WEEE

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  • Folks,

    The essense of WEEE is to one day approach 100% re-cycling of electronics.  Around 2002 the world was at something like 10% re-cycling.  With the high price of metals and the value of recycled  components* re-cycling is not only the right thing to do, it is also cost effective.  It is a critical part of "Sustainable Design," which many consider a new wave in the evolution of technology.

    Therefore, one of the first questions to ask of a new technology is "does it easily support re-cycling."  Thus easy dis-assembly is a requirement.  So, when you see new electronics manufacturing technologies that make grand claims, check and see if it supports easy re-cycling.

    The photo is from the January 2008 issue of National Geographic.  It is easy to see from this photo why recycling is needed.


    Dr. Ron

    * Hopefully legitimate re-cycle components.  Re-cycled components have a value to play in very inexpensive electronics and what pollution they save the environment when these components don't have to be made "again".  The point is that anyone buying recycled components should know that they are just that.