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The OUTERnet? Yes!

  • B2B Marcom

  • According to a very informative and compelling post on MediaPost's DigitalOutsider blog, the outernet includes:
    • Television
    • Outdoor
    • Online
    • Point-of-Purchase
    • Mobile
    • Cinema
    • Experiental

    And what is it good for?  The posting tells us:

    ..."people are far more mobile and transitory than they've ever been before. It's a trend that is making Madison Avenue look anew at not just out-of-home video, but all outdoor media. And it is a trend that is expected to ignite outdoor's share of total ad spend from a tepid 5% or 6% to potentially double that in only a few years. A big part of that is coming from digital technologies, and the ability of media companies and advertisers to reach consumers with contextual advertising messages in some of the most relevant places: places where they shop. Places where they relax, entertain and imbibe. Places where they mingle. "
    Is there a place for the outernet in B2B Marcom? I am sure there is - and I aim to find it.