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The Pin-in-Paste Process with Donut-Shaped Preforms

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  • Folks,

    Some years ago I created a software tool, StencilCoach™, to calculate the stencil parameters to provide for an adequate amount of solder paste for the pin-in-paste process. Since solder paste is typically 50% by volume flux, it is often the case that the solder paste cannot supply enough solder to form a proper fillet for the through-hole solder joint. Solder preforms in the shape of passives have often been used to supplement the required solder volume.

    The Input Page for Donut-Shaped Preforms in StencilCoach™

    Some assemblers might want to use donut-shaped solder preforms. So, I upgraded StencilCoach™ to be able to perform the calculations for these preforms. Check it out here. Let me know what you think—

    Dr. Ron