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The Silver Lining of WEEE/RoHS

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  • Folks,

    I think many of us still "groan" when we think of WEEE/RoHS. However, as I have mentioned before, whenever there are radical changes, oppotunites abound. Consider what Frank writes:

    Has anyone found a steel mill willing to certify steel for sheet metal as RoHS compliant?

    Apparently no one tests melts for cadmium content.

    As you may remember Cadmium must be below 0.01% in homogeneous material. This concentration is is only 100ppm, so it is difficult to analyze with fast techniques like x-ray fluorescense, However, atomic absorption spectrometry, a relatively common technique, should work nicely.

    What an opportunity! Be the first steel mill to test for this an you get all of RoHS related the business.


    Dr. Ron