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  • Photo  / Webb Chappell Photography 2009

    Photo / Webb Chappell Photography 2009

    Before reading this entry, click here to learn about the Chameleon Guitar.


    I got in touch with one of the designers for this project (Amit Zoran), here is what he had to say about the electronics involved:


    "The first version used linear analog processing:

    I am summing the signals (coming from 5 piezo ceramic sensors) and then amplifying the important frequencies for acoustic guitar's sound (110Hz & 220Hz are the resonance freq. - coming from the Helmholtz resonance and the size of the sound board). I am attenuating the resonance frequency that the new sound board (my resonator) create (500Hz). You can see it as a zero order interpolation for the 5 signals (each of the signals covers different vibration modes) and then linear filter - an equalizer.


    For the new guitar prototype, the one in the top picture of my web site, I intend to use Freescale Symphony DSP56371 digital signal processor with their Symphony SoundBite Development Kit and to develop in C (with Symphony Studio software tools). For that guitar, the locations' of the sensors were chosen to cover the important vibration modes. The idea is to try different digital processing approaches - linear filtering / finite element based approaches / sound synthesis based methods / well known digital effects for reverb. 

    The best way will be defined in the near future."


    You can find out more about Amit and his projects by clicking here.