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There's ALWAYS a C in B2B Marcom

  • B2B Marcom

  • As business to business marketers, we've got a fancy label, "B2B". With that, comes an inclination, for some, to think that it's all about business. It isn't.

    It's always all about PEOPLE. The consumers. The HUMANS!

    Here's an example, from my personal life, of a business person who misses the point entirely (company name obscured):


    "Thanks for contacting NNNNN support... regarding ordering boom arms from us. Sorry to say we don't sell finished good items. We only sell to dealer and distributors. Regards,"


    You can imagine the sense of allegiance that was cultivated in my little consumer heart. "Regards"???

    As a consumer, I would have appreciated a little background, perhaps some insight into WHY, and, of course, a list of local and online dealers for me to approach. Nope. None of that. Just a concrete-cold slap in the face.

    There's ALWAYS a C in B2B.