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“There’s an ‘L’ in solder?”

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  • This question was posed to me while introducing a family member to the world of Engineered Solders this past weekend. While I was still reeling from the shock of what seemed like a ridiculous question, it suddenly occurred to me that solder is not part of everyone's daily life. Actually it is, they just don't know it. Take a moment to run through the average day. Before you get through the morning you have probably taken solder for granted more often than you realize.
    Usually the day begins with the dreaded alarm clock we all wake up to (Solder Paste) and the flat screen HDTV we watch the morning news on(Thermal Products). Need I mention the cell phone (Engineered Solders)?

    Indium has over 200 alloys to choose from.(Alloy List) The list is always growing, but the diversity in solder types is exceeded only by the applications in the industry.
    With close to 75 years of contribution to the ever changing world of solder, Indium has been a leader in technology and education. Right down to the correct spelling of the word.