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Thermal Issues Uncovered in MacBook Air Overheating

  • Indium Corporation

  • Before I read this recent article about the MacBook Air, I envied those who were able to purchase one of these trendy thin computers with the innovative marketing campaign.

    I am reading now though that Apple, like so many have before, overlooked some thermal issues in their MacBook Air design and have had to issue a fix for some overheating issues they were having. Apparently, the fan in this computer has been underperforming and they have issued an update to the software so that it can be fixed. 
    In recent years, Apple has been known for their forward-looking approach with product testing that would typically notify them of any faults in their system. I guess this goes to show that even the best of us is struggling with overheating issues due to miniaturization. Luckily for them, the fix to their thermal issues seems to have been fairly simple.
    If this remains the worst of the issues publicized on the MacBook Air laptop, maybe I'll keep it on my Christmas wish list.