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Thermocompression Bonding for Microbump Flip-Chip Soldering

For reasons that I will discuss in a post later this year, a common factor that is emerging in the area of copper-pillar microbump 2.5D and 3D joining, is the adoption of thermocompression (TC) bonding for flip-chip flux/microbump soldering. TC bonding is now being predominantly adopted instead of reflow. Some of you may have the same response as I got at iMAPS 2011 from one well-known expert in packaging technology. He looked askance at me when I mentioned TC bonding for flip-chip and retorted: “That’s for bonding wafers, not soldering flip-chips!”. Even good old Wikipedia (at time of writing) seems to have the same problem – basically that the industry usage of the term has moved into the packaging arena.

I spent a little time talking to people in the industry, and on Google, putting together a buyer’s guide for those of you looking at who-is-doing-what in TC bonding. This is just a prototype guide and necessarily incomplete – if I have missed your company out then I apologize, and will add it in: just give me all the details!

Equipment Type Company Name URL Bonding tools What else they make
Die-bonders ASM (PT)
Die bonders, flip-chip bonders Various others
Die-bonders BESi  Die and flip-chip bonders (Datacon) Meco (plating systems), Fico (molding / trimming), ESEC
Die-bonders FineTech  Die bonders, flip-chip bonders (offline) SMT/BGA rework, Laser bar-bonder, VCSEL, Photodiodes, Chip-on-glass, RFID
Die-bonders Hybond  Eutectic die bonders (offline/manual) Wirebonders / Peg and bar lead diode bonders
Die-bonders Newport Die bonders Optical and alignment instrumentation, spectrometers
Die-bonders Palomar  Die bonders Ballbonders, stud bumpers, manual die bonders
Die-bonders Panasonic  Die bonders Wirebonders etc etc
Die-bonders SET  Die bonders, flip-chip bonders Large device bonders and nano-imprint
Die-bonders Shibaura  Die bonders, flip-chip bonders FEOL products (etching, stripping, coating, jetting) and BEOL
Die-bonders Toray  Die bonders, flip-chip bonders [Semi]Inspection, exposure, encapsulation. COG / COF / FOG bonders
Die-bonders Westbond  Die bonders (offline/manual) Wirebonders
Wafer bonders EV Group  Wafer bonders Lithography tools
Wafer bonders Suss Microtech  Wafer bonders Mask aligners, nanoimprinters, photomasks, lithography tools

Thanks to Brian Schmaltz of Namics kk for one extra addition to the list. 

Cheers! Andy