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  • Dear Readers,

    This is the Blogs 100th entry, so I thought IҒd let you all know a little about what goes through my mind when I write an entry.

    Many readers ask How do you come up with your ideas?Ӕ, or What made you think of that?Ӕ  It seems pretty simple, to me at least.  Do you every find yourself saying something that is only interesting to people you work with when you are outside of work?  Those are the things I like to write about.  The things that I think of on my own free time.  For instance, the entry This Weekend Utica NY Hosted a Monster Truck RallyӔ was created when I was standing in front of a monster truck.  It can seem ridiculous, but I always compare things in the world to semiconductor packaging.  I know, its nerdy Җ but thats how this whole blog seems to work.҂






    Many times I look at an image - and the first way I relate it to our industry is what I write my next blog about. If you find yourself comparing the semiconductor industry to daily things, I would love to hear about it! (The sad part is that I will probably find it really cool)






    Thanks for the support,






    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert