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Tim Jensen Discusses Becoming Co-Editor with Maria Durham for Advancing Electronics Magazine

Recently I heard about two of my friends (and co-workers) taking on an additional responsibility in the electronics industry. Tim Jensen (Senior Product Manager for Engineered Solder Materials) and Maria Durham (Technical Support Engineer for Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials) have become co-editors of Advancing Electronics Magazine. I asked Tim about this opportunity:



Jim: How did you and Maria become co-editors?

Tim: The previous editor-in-chief had to move on so the opening became available. Because Indium Corporation is actively involved in the IMAPs organization (IMAPs runs the magazine) we felt that this would be something we could do well. As an organization, we discussed who had the right background to be successful. Both Maria and I were chosen as the ideal candidates. Since we didn't want to further narrow down, we proposed to have two roles: editor-in-chief and technical editor. The IMAPs team thought this was a great idea, so we ran with it. As the editor-in-chief, my role is to ensure that we solicit strong content and develop unifying themes for each issue. I will also provide editorial commentary for each issue relevant to that issue's theme. 

Jim: What can we expect in upcoming issues?

Tim: The next issue focuses on the Internet of Things. We have several great technical articles that discuss sensor proliferation and how that will impact the electronics industry. The next issue's (September 2015) theme is MEMs and thermal interface materials. If any of your readers are interested in providing content for this issue, be sure to have them contact me and we can discuss their ideas. 

Tim can be contacted at

Good luck to both Tim and Maria with their new roles in IMAPs!



Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert