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Turn Your Company Inside Out With B2B Marcom

  • Indium Corporation

  • Remember the old days in B2B Marcom, when companies hid behind stock photography and glamorous spokes models? Those days are long-dead.

    I've been saying repeatedly, for years, that the best way to influence your target audience is with your authenticity. To do that, turn your company inside out. Let your formerly behind-the-scenes staff talk to your audiences.

    I spoke about exactly this in a BtoB NetMarketing Breakfast in Manhattan in 2009. See the post-event video interview here. I appear at 1:48.

    We, at The Indium Corporation, turn our company inside out in many ways, including tech paper authorship and presentations, technical session chairing, editorials, interviews, and blogging.

    How do YOU turn your company inside out? I'd love to learn.