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UNLearn: BMA Annual Conference

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  • I just love EVERYTHING about this logo/image: old school analog dial & materials, not a simple icon, the anarchy of "UNLearn" ... cool!

    First of all, I am participating on a discussion panel ... THAT is always fun and enlightening.

    Secondly, any gathering of like-minded people has promise. THIS group of people is wildly powerful and thrilling.

    And then there's the "UNLearn" theme. Perfect!

    The 2009 BMA Annual Conference looks to be absolutely awesome - if you're a B2B Marcom afficionado.  You can buy the full conference, you can buy a la carte, you can learn about the hottest topics, and you can meet some real leading-edge thinkers and doers. Chicago in June is a real bonus, for sure (I can't wait to plug into some live blues guitar music, and maybe a guitar store or two).  According to the conference's website:

    Thirteen keynote and 12 breakout sessions will focus on newer, better, smarter and faster ways to get the job done. Al and Laura Ries. Joe Pine. David Meerman Scott. Andy Sernovitz. Scott Davis. Top marketing leaders from Siemens, Navistar, IBM, LinkedIn, Google, SAP and GE.

    I'll add Dr. Ralph Oliva to the list of luminaries. He is a true Marcom Star. I ALWAYS learn something powerful and implementable from Ralph. He's on the roster. And I am hoping to run into BtoB Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Ellis Booker. We've chatted before - he is a wealth of information and insight.

    I'll be on a panel with experts discussing:

    Why B-to-B & Corporate Blogging Matters: Best Practices & Key Trends

    When 500,000 people are going online every day for the first time in their lives, we are in a time of rapid change. Leaders are realizing that blogging and social media provide one of the most direct ways to build relationships and personalize their story. This expert panel, led by one of the most experienced corporate blogging professionals around, will examine how business marketers benefit when employees and executives blog, how to start and sustain blogging efforts, how to measure their value and lessons learned along the way.


    Hope to see you in Chicago!