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Upcoming CPV Tradeshow: CPV USA 2013

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  • The 5th Concentrated Photovoltaic Summit is being held in San Jose, California again this year. This is an interesting show because it is focused only on the CPV portion of the solar industry. (No pun intended.) All the information regarding the event can be found here.


    I asked Matt from PV-Insider if he could tell me more about the event, he said:

    “The concentrated photovoltaic industry has had a turbulent twelve months.  Well-publicised exits from the industry, such as GreenVolts, and the lack of a sustained project pipeline, has placed doubt in the minds of industry observers.  However, companies are now pushing harder than ever to develop the technology in the lab, while strategies to get CPV competitive with flat-plate PV are being formulated.  In this guide, PV-Insider have taken a look at the current and future prospects for the industry, which I hope you find useful.” -Matt Carr


    Speaking of GreenVolts, if you remember - last year’s event included a tour of GreenVolts' facility. I guess the show itself illustrates how things can change so quickly in this industry.


    ~Jim H.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert