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Using Solder Tubes: "It's a trap!" (Sort of)

  • Solder Preforms

  • To easily describe one of the applications of Indium Corporation’s Solder Tubes, one need look no further than the classical practical joker’s ‘Finger Trap’. The joke is that the unsuspecting victim places a finger from each hand into the openings on either side of the trap. Once their fingers are securely entrenched within the woven cylinder, the trap will only become tighter as the deceived try to extract their captive digits.

    The Solder Tube is used in a similar fashion, for terminating electrical joints within a heat shrink termination device. Two ends of exposed electrical wiring are placed within the metal tube and soldered together. The alloy preform provides a precise, controlled amount of solder to hold the wires securely in place while the outer plastic sleeve provides enclosed protection from the elements and further electrical contact.

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    *** For the Star Wars fans out there, here is a funny picture of how the finger trap works.***