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Viral Marketing

  • B2B Marcom

  • Viral Marketing is a hot way to get the word out on your product or services. And the viral word goes DEEP into the consumers' hearts. The catch is that the message MUST be very entertaining, compelling, intriguing, and/or emotional to be effective.

    The bottom line is, if no one deems your work to be worthy, it will die on the vine. How is that for a concept? Your Marcom materials actually have to be interesting!!?!??!

    I have seen several very captivating and viral-worthy pieces in the categories of FUN and even in B2C. There are precious few effective B2B viral marketing pieces floating around the worldwide web.

    As for the power of a good viral effort, just check out what the people at have unleashed. TheirExtreme Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment video is said to have been downloaded over 4 million times. It also landed them on Late Night With David Letterman and on the Today Show. What would that cost if you wanted to buy a few minutes on those popular shows?

    And by the way - look who has tacked their ad onto the backend of this video. Of course!