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Virtual Reality? The Virtual-PCB Online Tradeshow

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  • For my next trick, I  will be participating in a chat session as part of the Virtual PCB Show on February 25th from 11:00AM to 11:45 AM. Our topic is "SMT Defects and Solutions".

    To prepare for this first ever experience, I participated in an orientation that walked him through a virtual chat, which he found to be quite similar to Skype and AOL Messenger.
    I think that many of the questions will be focused on the recurring themes we get in Tech Support every day. Printing and reflow issues seem to be the most common, especially slumping, tombstoning, non-wetting, and reflow flexibility. Voiding still continues to be an issue, but to a much lesser extend that in the past.
    You can sit in on our chat by registering at: