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Vlogging With Training Wheels

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  • As of today, the process is now simple (at least in my can't-even-see-the-cutting-edge practice). Here it is:

    1) Establish a blog site: choose from MovableType, Blogware, Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, pMachine, LiveJournal, and more.

    2) Grab a simple video-capturing device. I used to use a thoroughly adequate Canon S230 PowerShot Digital Elph(completely NOT the state of the art). If you are buying new, consider the Canon SD600 - my new tool for a simple audio/photo/video device.

    3) Hipcast. This low-cost, online service totally removed all major obstacles from my previously-horrific vlogging process.

    OK, so now vlogging CAN be mechanically easy. But you will notice that I did not:

    1) account for any editing you may want to do prior to uploading (time, skills, tools).

    2) give you any extra time to do this work.

    3) provide the muse, the topic of your vlogging inspiration.

    4) bless you with any sort of artistic skills.

    So, if you can stand it, be like me and dive right in. Who needs polish, time, a real purpose, or talent? More on that later.

    Image: University of British Columbia website