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Vuvuzela, The World Cup, and B2B Marcom

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  • My oldest son, Allen, walked into the house, heard a noise, and asked, "What is that? Bees?" My youngest son, André, and his buddy laughed - they were watchingThe World Cup on TV and had become accustomed to the sound of the vuvuzela. When the sound was mentioned, they were reminded of how they had blocked it out.

    Vuvuzelas are interesting, briefly, when you get your hands on one, and when you realize that thousands of like-minded people are jamming on them. Then, not so much.

    In a related article (brought to my attention by @ALittleHewlett - thank you) titled, How To Be Interesting, Jonathan Morrow offers some valuable tips - especially poignant now that B2B Marcom has heartily embraced the social media arena (where many overblow their own horns).

    I'll start with his last point (#21): Put Your Readers First.  Do you think the vuvuzela blowers are thinking of the people sprawled on their couches back in the USA? Or the FoxSports technicians and marketers, seeking to produce a palatable program? No. This is why something that seems good (to the purveyor) has gone bad. Jonathan admonishes us (B2B Marcom practitioners) by saying, "The one and only thing of consequence is your reader. You can rail against this fact for as long as you like, but as long you do, you’ll never be interesting."

    #4 is also powerful: Do Something. He advises, "If you want attention, dare not to just give advice to others, but to live that advice yourself. Then blog about it."

    The other 19 points are equally valuable - if we put them into practice in our B2B Marcom practices.

    So, tune into the exciting soccer - football - futbol - FIFA action, turn the sound down, and enjoy the spectacle. When you return to work, leave the vuvuzela behind.

    Credit: Tim Groothuis/Witters Sport via US PRESSWIRE ORIG FILE ID: 20100614_jla_ao3_073.jpg