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Wave Solder Positrol Is a Helpful Tool

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  • Let's see how Patty is doing........

    Patty was really down. She over exercised and strained a muscle, so she couldn’t golf for a month, her twin boys got into a little trouble at school, and she and Rob had a rare minor argument. With all of this going on, she arrived in her office and sighed. As she approached her desk, she noticed a “snail mail” card. She opened and read it:

    “Dear Professor Coleman,

    It is difficult for me to put into words how special your class on Engineering Statistics has been for me – the academic experience was a revelation and your class will always be special in my heart. I hope to do good work in the field and make you proud.

    Thank you for being my teacher. I look forward to always being your student.”

    Patty sat down and burst into tears, she really needed that note of encouragement.

    In a few moments she recovered and was answering her emails. Pete came to her door.

    “Hey kiddo, remember Bob Steiner?” Pete asked.

    “I sure do. He was one of the best process engineers at ACME. A real wiz,” Patty said - now in a cheerful mood.

    “He asked me if I could send him a copy of the wave soldering positrol we developed back when we were there. I can’t find it,” Pete explained.

    Patty rolled her eyes, Pete was notorious for losing things and not having organized files on his laptop.

    “How is Bob, by the way?” Patty asked.

    “He's been promoted to manager of all wave soldering operations at ACME. Hence the interest in the positrol,” Pete replied.

    “Good for him he deserves it,” Patty said.

    In a few seconds Patty had found the document in her laptop files.

    “Here it is,” she told Pete.

    They both stared at it on her large computer flat panel display.

    After studying it for a while, Pete commented, “You know that is one of the better things we did at ACME.”

    “I agree, but you did most of it” said Patty.

    “The thing I like about a positrol like this is that in one two page document you have all of the necessary success parameters,” she went on.

    “And also a trouble shooting guide to help with any wave soldering defects that pop up,” Pete added.

    “This positrol sums up all of the important points in a 4 hour workshop on wave soldering. That’s an amazing piece of work you did!” Patty exclaimed.

    “Thank you Madame Professor Coleman,” Pete responded.

    With this comment, Patty playfully punched Pete in the shoulder.



    If you would like a soft or laminated copy of the Wave Soldering Positrol, send me an email at

    BTW: The nice note from a student is based on a true story.


    Dr. Ron