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Wave Soldering (A Segmented Synopsis): Post #1

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  • There are many types of wave solder machines, each with their own quirks, characteristics, and personalities. The good news is, each has the same core process elements, making it easier (maybe not easy) to compare different models:

    1. Fluxing
    2. Preheating
    3. Soldering
    4. Conveying

    I will be discussing all of these elements, in detail, throughout this series. By breaking wave solder machines down to these elements it is possible to compare a large number of machines, based on certain process characteristics of the different types of fluxers, preheaters, etc.

    Stay tuned for the next installment: Fluxers - An Introduction

    Til' Next Time,

    - Adam

    *This is the first post of the Wave Soldering (A Segmented Synopsis) Program