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  • One of our most demanding customers is ... the Indium Corporation! While we supply the world with NanoFoil®, we also use a large amount for target bonding services. That’s right, we are one of our most demanding customers, using large amounts of reactive foil to turn slabs of materials into precision bonded sputtering targets for the semiconductor, solar, and other coating industries.

    As a materials supplier, this bonding service is unique for us – but it has many advantages. One huge advantage is that is gives us hands-on experience with many unique bonding applications. Another benefit is that this allows us to observe NanoFoil® from a customer’s point of view - for maximum quality control and performance feedback.

    I know I’ve probably made it sound like we use all the foil for ourselves, but I assure you we have enough for your NanoBond® process too. In fact, we already have a kit on the shelves waiting for you!


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert