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WEEE Categories 8 and 9 stilll not included in RoHS

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  • Dr. Ron,

    What do you know about the additions of WEEE category 8 and 9 to RoHS? What is the status?



    The latest is that the decision on including WEEE categories 8 and 9 in RoHS has not been made yet. So the WEEE and RoHS documents of 2003 (see for links to get these documents) contain the latest approved information. If WEEE categories 8 and 9 equipment are included in RoHS, companies will have until 2010 to comply (versus 1 July 2006 for everything else.) To be clear, this means that WEEE categories 8 and 9 EEE do not need to comply with RoHS on 1 July 2006. I have expressed in the past however, my concern that too many people interpret these product categories too loosely. If the product can likely end up in a garbage dump, I am doubtful that the intent is to exempt it.

    Also, any product that you believe is exempt does not require an exemption request. You simply need to declare your belief that it is exempt by stating the WEEE/RoHS reference, in a "Self Declaration."

    China RoHS is different, it does not appear to exempt measuring and monitoring devices (covered in the categories mentioned above) and the directive itself is not as detailed in its description of the equipment covered. I interpret this to suggest fewer exemptions. China RoHS is also scheduled for 1 July 2006 implementation.

    And in all of this, remember, I am not a lawyer.


    Dr. Ron