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WEEE Deadlines Moved Out?

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  • Folks,

    A note was circulating around the internet last week that had many people relieved. Here tis: The government today confirmed that new regulations on waste electronics will be completed later this year, with producer responsibility starting in January 2006. link text

    So everyone started saying that WEEE has been delayed until January 2006. This is correct in the UK. This note was sent out by the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK and only applies to the UK. Many people forget that WEEE registration and compliance has to be achieved in all 25 EU countries separately. The potentially good news is that the UK is ahead of most EU countries, so others will likely delay too. However, Belgium, Sweden and The Netherlands may be able to make the August 13, 2005 date as they already have recycling programs in place. The following link presents a balanced view on this issue. link text.

    So, be careful and stay informed.

    Best Wishes,

    Dr. Ron